Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Girl with the Lightning Scar!

Well folks, it has happened... I finally rough and tumbled myself into quite the predicament. After a week and a half of coughing and hacking and getting weaker and weaker I decided to check myself into the E.R. Well.. friends, dang good thing that I did. They have since discovered a weird creature living inside me called pneumonia.  I don't know what the heck he thinks he is doing in there, I have told him multiple times that he isn't welcome or appreciated, but whatever. Then... of course, my friend Anemia decides he wants to join in the fun. Turns out that the reason I had been so weak lately was because I had less than half of my blood in my body. I guess they were having a little civil war in there and the wrong side was winning, so, thanks to the kindly donations of the lovely A+ students at BYU and UVU  I was able to receive 4 units of the juicy red stuff which has helped me to feel much better.

Unfortunately, in addition, my Kidneys have decided that they need to also cause problems. They are trying to stop working on me too.  So, I get to have dialysis. WOO... so.. NOT fun. Its cool though, my scar count will go from ... like... 3 or 4 to like 45 after this hospital stay.  I already have about 14 to add to the count! Don't worry,  I requested one to look like the Harry Potter lightning bolt, we'll see if that pans out. Its on my neck so it probably will look more like a Vampire bite.. yikes.

Well.. tomorrow should be a fun day though.  I will start dialysis in the morning.. at like 6:30 am or something like that... followed by a kidney biopsy.  For those of you who don't know. THIS is the needle they will put into my back and get fluid off of my kidney so that they know what is going on back there. Ya.. it's cool.. I know I'm brave! I guess it looks whimpy in this picture... but I've had it done before. Its a little larger than it appears.

That is how its rollin right now in the land of the happy and home of the brave.  However, I would like to offer a little shout out to everyone who has come to say hi! I would just name everyone.. and don't think I can't remember... but then it would just be a boring list of names.

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know that yes I'm alive, yes I'm still breathing and my heart is beating. I'm keeping the nurses and visitors entertained (I'm their favorite.. even though they may not admit it) and I'm getting better and better at telling cheesy jokes and making sarcastic remarks. Don't worry though I'm still the same 'ole me.

So.. the moral of the story... don't run faster than is needful. Stop and smell the flowers.  Remember who you are. Don't forget to brush your teeth. Smile like you mean it. Keep on truckin! BUT, Never give up and never give in. Life is full of surprises,

Take care of yourself you beautiful people.. and you won't end up like me... in the hospital with a bag of crayons, a goofy hair-do and a cheesy grin with the silly story of how I ended up as the girl with the lightning scar.

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Scott and Hannah said...

WOW!! Heidi!! I'm so glad you're ok! I am so sorry this Lupus has been such a thorn in your side. And that needle did not look wimpy AT ALL!! Ouch! You are brave! But listen to you, always the optimist! You're amazing! I hope you are feeling much better soon!!
P.S. I'm a little jealous of your lightening scar.... :)

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