Thursday, September 15, 2011


Underpants, what a funny word. Yes.. I'm starting a post for you today with the word underpants. I could have gone with long-johns, unders, arounds or even overs, but just for you, I chose to write about the complete and utter awkwardness of being basically completely exposed every time I wiggle my pinkie finger in the wrong direction.

Let me just tell you, the "nursery rhyme" I see London, I see France, I see "insert name here's" underpants is sure a whole lot funnier when you are 6 years old. It becomes even less funny when you are suddenly "living" with 10 other people and everyone is walking around in a drape with a giant hole in the back.  I guess they have to provide us with some kind of entertainment to keep up occupied huh?

Although, I must admit, being on a floor where both patients and nurses have moustaches that have outlived me can make for some interesting stories.

Yesterday I got to take a jog or two around the nurses station. Yeah, that's right. I jogged. It was invigorating! One time, I leaned over to pick up a piece of paper and almost won the race face first. I guess now I know what it feels like to be a little "tipsy." I think I'll stay away from that for umm... ever. I must admit I felt a little like this guy. Not quite sure which way I was going to end up going.

My doctor came by today and it sounds like I'm slowly taking baby steps towards getting my little bum on the move outta here. The platelet counts are still slowly going up.  They are thinking they may have to start the chemo drug treatments before they do the biopsy though because the platelets are just being slow pokes.  This could be a good thing, because they might discharge me earlier than expected  since I'm doing so much better, but it could also be a bummer because I'll have to have an outpatient procedure when they finally reach high enough levels.

No definitive word yet though, still playing the waiting game for now. Hopefully I will hear from the other two doctors soon and they can give me some good news. After all.. who wants to watch an intense BYU/Utah football game in a hospital room? BOO!

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