Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thanks for the Memories...and for Friends

I have had a hard time focusing on the positive in my life lately and recognizing the support of those around me who love and want to help me.  So here it goes, a thank you to all those who have helped me so much these past few weeks, I'm sorry that some of you will probably never see this post, but for those 2 or 3 of you that do, Thanks for your support. I am going to word this in the form of a Gratitude journal. Enjoy. 

I'm grateful for the time we had.
I'm grateful for the memories we made. 
I'm grateful for the pictures we took and the friends we made together. 
I'm grateful for your courage and strength. 
I'm grateful for your knowledge and growth.
I'm grateful that you let me be a part of your testimony that will some day influence hundreds if not thousands of people. 

I'm grateful for the blessings from Nick Purse, Ryan Rodriguez, Shawn Loftin, David Felstead and John Christensen.
I'm grateful for the blessings from Dad, Doug Hamilton, Mario Aguirre, Wayne Manning.
I'm grateful to have Kevin as my brother who has helped our family by the blessings we have received from his willingness to share the message of our savior Jesus Christ.

I'm grateful for friendships that I have made and that continue to be improved and strengthened through this experience and old friendships that have been rekindled and that remind me that God truly loves me.
      I'm grateful for true friends that have shown me that they will always be there no matter what.
        I am grateful for flowers, ice cream, cookies and nice notes.
        I'm grateful for family that never cease to amaze me.
        I'm grateful for the heroes in my life.
        I'm grateful for those willing to pass it on.
        I'm grateful for those whose attitudes and outlook on life never cease to amaze me.
        I'm grateful for the Dahlin family who took me in as their own for a time and supported me during the times I felt alone.
        I'm grateful for my job.
        I'm grateful I am blessed with the chance to be at BYU learning and making friends.
        I'm grateful for the friends I have who make all of these lists. You know who you are.
        I'm grateful for phone calls and notes from friends.
        I'm grateful for those wise enough to follow the spirit. 
        I'm grateful for anyone who I failed to mention but who has been a part of the healing process I have experienced. 
        I'm grateful for parents who support me in everything I do even if they know I will fail. 
        I'm grateful for the smiles in places I don't expect and for the little happy places in God's creation. 
        I'm grateful for the chances that have been put in my place to be a friend to others, and I will gladly reciprocate the kindness shown to me by any who need it, in any way that I can. 

        Changing modes for those of you who are sick of hearing about the things I'm grateful for...

        I love the smell of rain. I love rainbows and the promise they bring. I love butterflies. I love the scriptures. I love forgiveness and repentance. I love brightness. I love the world. I love missionaries. I love the piano. I love music. I love playing the piano. I love service. I love sacrifice. I love blue skies. I love friends. I love chocolate cupcakes. I love cookies warm from the oven. I love knowing I'm loved. I love words. I love making a difference. I love changing lives.  

        I know many of you are about done reading this post, but if you made it to the end, I want to hear your comments and stories about those who have changed your life and what they have done to help you. I love hearing stories of friends or loved ones who have had struggles and those who have stepped in to help.