Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let me Show you the Shape of My Heart

I know its a lame Backstreet Boys song, but its kind of cool the crazy random places you can find heart shapes. They are everywhere.. here are a few that I have googled but hopefully I will find some on my own sometime. :) These are just some of my favorites that I found.. enjoy! I consider them God's little reminders that he is always there and he loves us. P.s. I think the cow is super cute!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Never too old, or young, for Love!

So, I was writing an article about tips to make your Valentine's Day great on the blog I do for work, and I was looking for pictures of people in love, that weren't too scandalous, obviously.. and there were quite a few pictures when I did a Google search of older people holding hands and dancing, etc. as well as young children.  It reminded me that sometimes we get lost in the everyday things in life, and fail to understand and recognize that love does still exist and it can exist in everyone.  I hope I am lucky enough to have a love that lasts and is strong throughout my old age.

People sometimes forget how lucky they are to have people around them that never cease to care.  My mom is one of those people for me. She has seen me through just about everything imaginable from something as simple as a bruised and constantly scraped up knee, to a disease that took over my life.  If that isn't a pure description of love, I'm not sure what is. Also, Brent. He has never stopped being there for me when I needed him.  He has stood by me through every step of this horrible disease and even though I know I have been cranky and upset with him he never stops trying to help and showing his love for me.

Love truly is an amazing thing, enjoy some of these pictures and consider doing something for someone you love this Valentine's Day. I also found the rock picture and just thought it was cute.

There is a couple from the BYU ad lab, who have a blog that I ran across the other day. They collect pictures of hearts they, or other people find in random places. Its pretty cool and I wish I had saved the link, but I didn't. Kind of cool though that ordinary people look for and find beauty in unexpected things.