Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Emotional Reunions and Goodbyes

This summer has spoiled me rotten. I've had friends come to Utah from just about everywhere and most have stopped in to say hi. I've had family come and stay, and I've become reunited with adult leaders from the past and been able share experiences and life stories with them as we got reaquainted for a short time.

Because pictures often speak louder than words, and this may be the last time I will see some of these people for years, I decided to just not get all cry-y and weird on here and just put some pictures up instead.  Prepare for the bombardment.
Sisters Winder, Eustler and Mullis (Jasper Ward) 

Also, this summer, as mentioned in a previous post, my cousin Josh came and stayed with me for a few days.  One of my AMAZING friends from home, Kaity Kirby, was also able to make an appearance. While her and an Australian mission companion traveled through the western states.

Kaity was able to go on a vacation with my family to Nauvoo, IL in High School with Kevin and some of his friends, at which time we became even closer than we previously were. She is an amazing example of strength and courage and I'm so glad I got the chance to visit with her for a while. 

Also, it was pretty great to have a native Kentuckian and Native Australian accent in our house at the same time. 

And lastly, for now, I was able to go to Provo last Sunday and see the Bishopric and some of the ward who literally held my hand through the most scary and difficult time of my life, get released. While this wasn't the last time I'll see them, (especially since some of them are still serving in Provo), they made such an impact on my life that it was quite an emotional Sacrament Meeting. More than one spoke over the pulpit about experiences that I personally had in that ward and how the ward banded together to help me. 

Seeing that Bishopric released almost made me feel like I was leaving home again. 

This is my final thank you to all of those people in my life who have had such a positive impact on me and made such a difference in my life. Who, of course, I can't even come close to listing individually. Thanks for letting me share my stories and for letting me be a part of yours.  God be with y'all till we meet again.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Series of Unfortunate Events

A series of unfortunate events in the life of my friend, and ex-maybe-soon-to-be-again-roommate Celia, has led her to consider moving back to Utah, and more specifically Salt Lake!

This would be a pretty great idea, I mean, if you were to ask my opinion, of course. Celia and I lived together for a year, for those of you who don't know and became close the previous year when Celia and I were in a presidency together. 

What I'm really saying in this post is that change isn't always bad, unfortunate events can turn fortunate, and even if she doesn't end up finding a job and coming to live with me, :( it makes me realize how much I value a good, true friend.

Miss you girl, hope things workout for you no matter where you are and what you're doing.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Hard Question... Who loves Hashtags?

I know, everyone claims to hate hashtags, but we all know the real truth, you love them. I mean who wouldn't want #theirwordsrunningtogether? English majors. Yeah. Before you decide to quit this post and move onto something that you deem to be more funny or exciting, I dare you to continue. Me, myself and I think hashtags are hilarious. When my favorite (don't tell anyone else) cousin, Josh, came to visit Kevin and I in June, we discovered the hashtag #hotmormongirls.

 The following weekend, Kevin came to see me for awhile and we took an AWESOME trip to the Zoo. We saw elephants, bears and even rhinos.

There were also live animals.

We knew we had to carry on the hashtag tradition, so for this outing it was #screamlikealittlegirl and from now on, when we have awkward or funny moments the hash tags seem to just come out. #hetoldmewithhiseyes & #passionateeyeconact came to be when a certain roommate liked a certain boy and we had a late night. In case you aren't aware, people tend to get a little weird after like 10pm, especially when its a bunch of girls hanging out together.