Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Baby Dill Mobile

Yes, Kristin and I did make a late night run to Smith's tonight. Yes, we did go "shopping" and found some interesting things, but they didn't make it past the check-out lane. But really.. enough of that. I have just found some funny things in my life lately that I feel I should share with you. Everyone needs a good laugh now and then, right?

So, in all honesty Kristin and I really did make a late night run to the grocery store tonight because we were both starving.. and decided nothing in our apartment could live up to our cravings.  Well.. everything was going just dandy. We headed outside to jump into Kristin's car to head over to the grocery store. Then, Kristin remembered, perhaps due to the smell, that she had left a full can of pickles in the back and they had leaked a little.  Ok, maybe more than just a little..the truth is that, it leaked a lot, all the juice was gone and the smell of pickles joined us on our little adventure.

On the way out of the store, a car decided that even though I was walking behind it, it was going to go ahead and back out. It came a matter of a few inches, maybe centimeters from hitting me. Kristin was a quite bit more phased than I was.  So went our little adventure for the night.