Monday, September 12, 2011

Movin' on Up!

That's right, minute by minute news updates comin' atcha from the THIRD floor, or as I'd like to affectionately call it, Cloud Nine! Yes folks, I've been moved to the KID-KNEE floor. Here, they will ... do more of the exact same thing... except my room is bigger... and.. I have a shower.... a shower being a chair that I can sit in and kind of wash off.  Its an exciting thing!

Sad news though, I talked to the nutritionist today to find out exactly what is restricted on my diet until my Kidneys start to get better... The good news is this...

I can still eat meat, both white and red.  I can have some of the fruits and vegetables that I love, not all, but some and I can very sparingly eat my favorites, such as tomatoes, potatoes and peaches.  They are mostly on the no-no list. No more of the mashed goodies :( Maybe I'll be able to eat them by Thanksgiving, cause that would be fantastic!

So, even though cloud nine is obviously pretty dang sweet... there are still some snags that I'd rather not deal with.  Don't worry through friends, I'll keep you updated as the events of the third floor unravel and weave their fun little tale.

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Scott and Hannah said...

I'll pray you get mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving too!! Because would it really be Thanksgiving without them?? :) Hang in there Heidi! You amaze me. You're such a talented writer by the way. Your personality really shows through your words!

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