Sunday, September 18, 2011

Warm Turkey...

So, yesterday on Facebook I made a comment about how I was addicted to football and my friend Dre said that was an addiction that was ok, kind of like breathing, and eating and you couldn't just go cold turkey, no football is just not possible.  Well... will someone take that turkey out of the oven, cause it's done! Let me tell you about my two favorite football teams.

1. BYU- I will never stop being a BYU fan. I don't hate on Jake Heaps, or Riley Nelson or anyone else who may have forgot to "honey up" their hands last night, however, I'm slightly worried that Jimmer may have taken all of our miracle juice for the year. Silly Jimmer.

2. The Colts- Ya.... only a few words for that one too. Payton Manning, neck injury, season... obliterated. But, we still love Austin Collie... I think he is hurt right now though too.

The good thing about warm turkey is that it tastes delicious and there were some good things this morning that helped to season up that yummy bird.

In dialysis the supervisor had her grandson with her. He was probably the cutest kid I've seen all week! No, bur really, he was very cute and he was playing with an iphone application that he could ask questions and it would say yes or no back to him.  I started answering his questions instead and we had a good little conversation cause he started thinking of more questions to ask and laughing and getting excited. He was very cute.

Also, for the first 2 hours of dialysis I was able to watch the movie 17 Miracles that Sister Larsen brought to me. It was a great movie, after which Trevor gave me the play by play of the Sunday School lesson. All in all, so far its been a good day.

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