Thursday, October 20, 2011


A word with so many meanings... a wise person once said "home isn't where your house is, its where the people you love are." Maybe that's why I'm feeling so conflicted right now. Home is here.
  • the house I grew up in
  • the quilt made for me by the young women in my ward when I moved away
  • the farm
  • my favorite stuffed animals from when I was little
  • my mom's homemade dinners
  • the delicious drive-in down the street
  • the best friends a girl could ask for
  • familiar faces and places where memories are made
  • finding old bucket lists and notes passed in high school
  • realizing your dreams didn't come true, or at least not yet, but realizing that its ok
  • rolling hills, green grass, lightning bugs 
Home is also there. Utah.
  • endless hugs and get well wishes
  • familiar faces and places where memories are made
  • birthday buddies
  • roommates and friend I can count on no matter what 
  • blessings and service from people who have just met me and love me unconditionally
  • a second family
  • someone who holds my hand & dries my tears
  • late night giggle sessions with roommates about hair, reflexes and need I say?? boys
  • mountains, cuddles with warm blankets and good books, good news from friends abroad
  • attempts at mom's homemade goodies
  • endless lessons, all learned in miraculous ways
  • a chance to grow beyond the capacities of my own imagination 
I guess what I'm trying to say is home is simple. Home is love, no matter the location. Love is... home.