Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cowboy Boots and 10 Gallon Hats

WARNING: This post may contain addictive content. Read at your own risk.

Lately, I've realized that even though I haven't been technically diagnosed I am quite A.D.D. when it comes to music. For instance, one day I will love country music and the next, when other people decide to like country too, I switch to something else. Its silly, I know, but sometimes everyone goes a little crazy right?

Ok, so lately, I've been on a country kick  and as my roommate once pointed out in her own blog, it isn't just songs about beer and cows and fishing... even though there are of course those songs, nor is it a bunch of pre-marital nonsense that we tend to hear about in every other genre of music.

To me, country music is about emotions, love, death, illness, happiness, and learning to deal with these issues. It's about understanding people's stories before judging their character or background.  It's about treating everyone like they are someone special, because believe it or not, they are.Its about recognizing the heroes in this world and learning that family is what matters.  Its about your life journey and what you choose to do with it.  Don't believe me, do you?  That's okay I suppose.  Maybe it would be easier to convince you by showing you these songs...

Are you from Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota, Kansas, New Mexico? You might understand why God made those flyover states.. one of my favorite songs right now from Jason Aldean, along with Tattoos on this Town.

or Keith Urban's "For You" which features the troops and all they have done for us through the years.

Josh Turner's "Time is Love" 

If you'd actually listen to the words you might understand why I love this music so much.. just saying...

I also love... "Like My Mother Does" - Lauren Alaina , Hunter Hayes - "Wanted", Gloriana - "Kissed you Goodnight" , Rascal Flatts - "Banjo", I know.. that is a lot...only two more and I think I'll have you convinced...

"Cowboys and Angels" - Dustin Lynch,   "You" - Chris Young,

Ok.. I've given you most of my favorites.. and if you'll give them a chance I promise you won't be disappointed... :)

If none of these has affected you in the least... pull out your hankies... this is the one... or you may have indeed been born without a heart. "Don't Miss Your Life" - Phil Vassar

Normal people sing country music... not crazed, drugged up homies... just sayin'.