Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Live Your Life

You would think as an advertising major I would be able to figure out a way to advertise myself, but I have had no such luck lately. Maybe it is because I have moved three times since August, maybe it is because I am emotionally and spiritually drained, I don't know.  Whatever the cause, it is slightly frustrating.  I decided to subtitle this blog dear journal because I stink so much at physically writing in my journal. I would much rather document my life through picture, but I know that isn't the best option considering how many dang pictures I have lost through the years just from broken hard drives crashing and not printing them off. So, I decided that I need to be better about keeping the details of my everyday life, and since not many people read this blog, I decided to do it here.

Talk about the craziest semester of my life! I moved into Canterwood apartments in Provo in the middle of August, right before I went to visit Brent in California.  At the time I was still working for Pinnacle Security doing account creation calls, and the only girl living in the apartment would be moving out while I was in California. She is actually a singer from Montana (Nicole Sheahan). I'm sure she wouldn't mind me advertising for her, you can find her music on her myspace page.  Anyway, right after I got back I got an internship and have been doing that ever since.

Jennifer and Courtney moved into my apartment soon after, and Courtney and I did a few things together, but we never really clicked, and Jennifer I felt like wouldn't talk to me and didn't want to talk to me until things had gone so far that  it was almost impossible to talk to her about anything anymore. She freaked out on me one day, and that was the end of it for me. I had tried to talk to her a few times before and felt like she completely brushed me off, so I just stopped trying to communicate and really was left with no option but to move out. The story is much longer and more complicated than I am making it sound here, but I really don't feel that it is a story that should be broadcast over the internet.

So, I moved, and got rent for a much less expensive price, which was fantastic! I sold my contract at Canterwood to a girl named Emily, and am now living in a place called Windsor Park, kind of... two days ago, the same day the girl signed my Canterwood contract, our roof caved in at Windsor Park, and now they are performing complete restoration services at the Windsor Park condo.  So, I have been moved to a place called Belmont.  It is across town from Windsor Park, and I am living with a random girl they decided to move me in with. It really stinks, but hopefully it will all get worked out. Our old apartment was literally an ice cold rain shower for a few hours.

That is about all I've got for you today. I go home next Tuesday for Christmas, and Kevin is leaving the MTC Monday for the mission field. Crazy stuff!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Missing You

Even though you won't read this for.. ooh.. another year and ten months. I just wanted to let you know that I love and miss you and know you will make and are being an awesome missionary right now. Can't wait to see you again, I know you will change a lot but I am excited to hang out with you again. Have fun little dude, do some good. P.S. I'm lovin' that picture right there, and I better get to see some more soon!