Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Hard Question... Who loves Hashtags?

I know, everyone claims to hate hashtags, but we all know the real truth, you love them. I mean who wouldn't want #theirwordsrunningtogether? English majors. Yeah. Before you decide to quit this post and move onto something that you deem to be more funny or exciting, I dare you to continue. Me, myself and I think hashtags are hilarious. When my favorite (don't tell anyone else) cousin, Josh, came to visit Kevin and I in June, we discovered the hashtag #hotmormongirls.

 The following weekend, Kevin came to see me for awhile and we took an AWESOME trip to the Zoo. We saw elephants, bears and even rhinos.

There were also live animals.

We knew we had to carry on the hashtag tradition, so for this outing it was #screamlikealittlegirl and from now on, when we have awkward or funny moments the hash tags seem to just come out. #hetoldmewithhiseyes & #passionateeyeconact came to be when a certain roommate liked a certain boy and we had a late night. In case you aren't aware, people tend to get a little weird after like 10pm, especially when its a bunch of girls hanging out together.


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