Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gratitude Journal

This last week in church, the bishop's wife spoke and talked about Gratitude. She said that we would recognize our blessing much better if we focused everyday on the things that we were grateful in our lives.  I know that this is true as ingratitude is one of the biggest problems in our society today.  The high councilman also talked about gratitude and told a story about Santa Christmas cards that I really liked.  He said every year the post office receives thousands of letters into their dead letter receptacle from children to Santa asking for things they want for Christmas.  He then said that one year, one post office received one single letter after Christmas thanking Santa for the gifts they received.  That single act of gratitude from a child is the only one they ever received to that post office and it shows the ingratitude of our nation as a whole with our labels and our money.  Hmm what else, oh yeah, I got a funny email from my dad today about the English language and all of our weird words that mean ten different things, etc.  Here is part of it, he got it in a letter he found from Grandpa to Grandma when he was in the navy and some of it is from Mom.

Why do you park in the drive way and drive on the parkway?
Did you ever see a stepping stone?
Did you ever see a toilet bowl?
Did you ever see a horse fly?
Did you ever see a peanut stand?
Did you ever see a board walk?

What did Ida hoe? She hoed a merry land.
What did Miss A sip? She sipped a mini soda.
What did Dela wear?  She wore a new jersy.

Did you ever see a garden hose?  A sock hop? A bed tick? A neck tie? A night fall?
A clock run? A bag pipe? A mill run? A shoe fly? A nose run? Have you seen a turkey dressing? A day pass by? A bed spring? A light switch? A tad pole? A flower pedal? A heart break? A water slide? A jolly rancher? A ranch dressing? A belly button?

Kind of interesting if you think about it how weird we are, and how things probably make no sense to people coming to our country.   Anyways on to the gratitude journal.

Today I am grateful for the warm weather in the summer, clearance sales, $5 shoes, oranges, apple juice, prayer and the Conference Issue of the Ensign! Oh yeah, I forgot an important one BYU! President Monson's  ear wiggling skills kind of makes the top of the list too, and the chance to get to watch him speak completely candidly.

Dang I almost forgot to post a hilarious story that happened between my mom and I last night, probably one of the funniest moments ever, it may have been because I was tired, but regardless, to me it was hilarious. So last night I am talking to mom before bed, and I was like do we have any thicker pillows? She looked at me with the confused are a weirdo look she has (I really wish I had it on film) and she says... in the most dramtic voice I think I've ever heard her use.."All of our pillows are the same size..." and then she just stared at me with the same expression for about a minute while I tried to explain what pillow I wanted (I had already used it once at home).  She finally figured it out and went and go the pillow off of Kevin's bed, which was indeed thicker.  It was just funny to me that she held the look for so long of complete and utter confusion, just another reason I think she is hilarious. 

P.s. I got my hair cut today but here are some pictures of lunch with Tia, Shana and Parker... Well only one of them is working right now, and I get a new phone!

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