Monday, January 25, 2010

Gratitude Journal 2

So I realized that when I think about it I have so much to be grateful for.  I know sometimes I complain more than I should, but here are a few more things I have found to be grateful for in the past few days.

  • I don't play a sport that could seriously injure me
  • The Colts won the playoff game
  • Austin Collie has sticky hands
  • It is getting warmer and days are getting longer
  • I have the best and cutest boyfriend ever
  • My Mom's Birthday is on Friday
  • I don't live in a terrorist nation
  • I have the gospel
  • I still go to church (kind of a trend in the ward not to)
  • Mom might get to come with me to Utah!
  • That I finally know what my hives are coming from 
Today I finally found out that the hives I have been getting are from the Copper and metals leaving my body which is a relief.  It comes out especially well on the days I get light therapy. I have started going to get electron light therapy from Dr. Greene.  He has me on a special diet as well, he is kind of becoming a naturopath as well as a chiropractor. He is trying to help me out by having me drink lemon in my water and lime. He has also given me instructions to eat special salad dressing and eat the salads marinated.  He says yellows and greens are good for my body and that I am rejecting them so much because my body needs them.  He says the Lupus is trying to get my body to throw them up when I take them because it hates them so much right now, but after a few weeks my body is supposedly going to start craving them and I will want them instead of the other stuff.  I don't really want that many fattening foods right now, just a few because I feel as though I have no energy in my body. I know that some of the foods that he wants me to eat will help me receive energy, but it is hard to eat just greens, I don't feel good when I do, it is because it is cleaning me out and I understand that, but it is hard! Here is a website with health advice and a test you can take to see if your herbals are helping you or not. It is about how healthy lemon juice and greens are for you.  It is pretty cool, I just wish someone was helping me do the diet while not pushing me at the same time. I will slowly work myself off of the meat and other meat products until I don't really even want them anymore. That is probably all for now I should go, we are having family time.. oops :)

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