Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Favorite Commercials, So Far

Ok, so it sounds horribly cheesy and once you see them you will believe that I'm a horribly childish person but I would like to link you to my favorite commercials, so far.  I would say they are my favorite ever, but since I'm planning on becoming an advertiser, that statement would become void within a few years I fear, so I must remain at the here and now and... TAH DAH...
The E*Trade babies followed closely by Old Spice if you don't believe me, ask my parents or Brent, I get really excited when E*trade comes on and the Old Spice commercials, come on who doesn't love them? P.s. You must watch this one... I also like the new Vitamin Water commercials. Who comes up with this stuff... its hilarious.. Yeah.. that is supposed to be my job.. yikes.. I better get my mind moving.  I will put some more up look forward to that.  Also, if you want to see one that is more creative, less funny.. then check out this one for Sony Bravia. The first one is the bouncy balls, and the second is paint. They are fantastic. Jimmy Dean also has some good ones.

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