Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sports Fans

So, I know no one reads this, but it is a good outlet for my frustrations. Ok, first of all, I went to a basketball game tonight, because I like basketball, and because I wanted to see my team play, and its fun. Well, I sat in front of some people who knew some team members, not only did they go on about them the entire game, but, they failed to know the rest of the players names, but claimed to be so into the game. They never stopped talking to watch the game either. And when they weren't talking about themselves, they were talking bad about the other players. Oh, and I should also mention, that on the other side of me were two girls who talked the entire game, in another language, and took pictures of themselves. I guess it is good that people were at the game, but it just ticks me off when they don't pay attention or trash talk their own team. What is the point of going to support them, if you don't actually support them? If you are good enough to trash talk what they are doing, why don't you get on the floor or the field and show us how its done. The players are human just like everyone else, and they have their good and bad days, there is really no reason to say because someone missed a shot or threw a bad pass that they are horrible and should be thrown out of the game or the sport in its entirety. Man up people. If you like your team, support them, no matter what. Maybe if they feel like people care about them, they will be willing to play harder for their fans. It makes sense to me anyways....

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