Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Living With a Porch Swing

So, I've heard of waiting as described as an action and I've decided it's true.  Even if you aren't actually doing anything, you are simply... waiting. However, just because waiting is an action word, doesn't mean that it is something worth doing frequently.  I learned that anything worth having is worth waiting for. So, I get that there were a lot of repeated words in those last two sentences and to most people it was a heck of a lot of mumbo jumbo, so in English, what I'm really trying to say is, waiting sucks while you're doing it, but in the end it all comes out ok.

I will not tell lies (throw back to Harry Potter there), I am one of those people who posts ooh so cute things on Pinterest only to go blah when they are actually handed to me.  For instance, I've wanted a porch swing ever since I was little and we got rid of our windowed in porch swing.  My mom or dad and I used to sit on the swing during thunderstorms and look out over the cornfields (yes I live in backwoods Indiana), and spot the lightning and watch the rain pour down.  That is something I've learned that I miss greatly.

Yeah, well nostalgia can only do so much apparently because I now have a porch swing, right on my front porch at the house I moved in to in Salt Lake City, but do I use it? Nope, I haven't sat on it one single time, and there have been two kinda gnarly thunderstorms! So, why you ask do I let my dreams pass me by? Well, I could claim its because the swing doesn't look like it's been cleaned for years, or I could say that spiders might come and get me, but everyone who knows me knows those are both just excuses and that I need to just woman up and get the cleaner out, clean that mess and spend some quality time with my porch swing.

So, this is for anyone who wants something. Just get it. Reach out and make it happen, even if it is as little as having a porch swing. Once your dream becomes a reality cherish it.

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