Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rainbows over Provo

I got the chance to teach Relief Society today in my ward and our lesson was on covenants. It made me think of all the wonderful promises God has given us if we just keep the covenants we have made with him.  We talked about Noah and the sign of God's covenant with him to never flood the earth again, which is manifested over and over again with the sign of the rainbow. 

As I get older I don't know if I notice the little things more, or if I look for them more, but lately I have noticed the hand of God in my life almost daily.  I was reading in the lesson I gave about how if we do what we say we will, the Lord is BOUND to do what he has promised us in return.  These rainbows can be daily reminders that God has not forsaken us and that he will never leave us alone or comfortless.

One last quick thought.  Rainbows remind me of my brother, Kevin who is currently on his mission to the Las Vegas Nevada West Mission speaking Spanish. I don't know if he knows this, but the day I dropped him off at the MTC, as I drove away a rainbow appeared in the sky over Provo and in the year since he has been gone I have seen more rainbows than any year previously. The Lord knows each of us individually and knows what we are going through. That rainbow was my little reminder from God.  There was a double rainbow today.

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